Aaron Phillips

I had an amazing experience with Miss Pascua at Beyond the Numbers.

It was easy to contact her and fortunately her contact appeared at top of a google search for “tax accountant in BGC”. Miss Pascua was able to lock in an appointment with me for the very next day at 8am which was critical for me as I was traveling out of the country the day after.

Miss Pascua was knowledgeable, timely, and had a kind staff. She advised me on the details of the BIR2316 and BIR1700/1701 and gave me a strong comfort level of what I did or did not need to do as a next step. Her firm was available to immediately support me in prep and filing of any tax documents necessary given my timeline for a reasonable cost.

I really appreciate BEYOND D NUMBERS for their support and fast acting service. A special thank you to Miss Pascua for her ease of interaction, availability and knowledgeable support!