Apr 2016
How to get a Mayor’s Permit

Securing a business permit from designated Local Government Unit (LGU) is quite complex and requires a lot of documents. Procedures in acquiring the documents vary depending on city municipality where your business is situated.


  • Completely filled-out and notarized Business Permit Application Form
  • Locational Clearance
  • Barangay Clearance
  • If applicant property owner:
    • Latest Real property Tax Receipt
    • Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)/ Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT)
  • If applicant is lesse – Lease Contract
  • Vicinity / Location Map (sketch)
  • Occupancy Permit/Clearance:
    • Occupancy Permit from issued by City Government – Building Owner
    • Occupany Clearance from Building owner and Photocopy of Building Occupancy Permit from lessor-Tenants
  • DTI Certificate of Registration
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
  • Fire Permit
  • Sanitary Permit


Step #1: Obtain Locational Clearance
The initial step in securing Mayors Permit is to secure Zoning Permit/Locational Clearance which certifies the existing Land Use Plan of a City

  • Go to Urban Development Department–Zoning Administration Division (UDD-ZAD) and get application for locational clearance
  • Submit accomplished form and requirements 3 to 7
  • Releasing of Locational Clearance will be 3-5 working days

Step #2: Assessment and Payment of Fees
After receiving the Location Clearance Certificate, you can start processing your Mayors Permit.

  • Go to Business Permit Office, get Business Permit application form and have it notarized
  • Submit your accomplished application form together with requirements 1-10
  • Get the billing statement and application signed by the City Administrator from the Treasury
  • Pay the fees at designated window

Step #3: Fire Permit
Proceed to Bureau of Fire Department, present the paid application for issuance of fire permit

Step #4: Sanitary Permit
Obtain the Sanitary Permit at Health Department by presenting the paid application

Step #5: Releasing of Business Permit
Go back to the Business Permit Office for the release of Mayor’s Permit and business plate.

Disclaimer: Information contained in this article may become outdated and is therefore meant as general guidance only. It is not intended as professional accounting or tax advice.

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