Apr 2016
How to register self-employed, freelancer and mixed-income in Bureau of Internal Revenue

After completing the registration of Business Name in DTI and securing the business permit from the Local Government Unit (LGU), the next step that you shall undertake is registration with The BIR.

Once registered with BIR, you may apply to print your invoices and receipts which are vital in operating your business.


  • Accomplished BIR Form 1901
  • Accomplished BIR Form 1906 together with job order and sample of Receipts/Invoices
  • Photocopy of Mayor’s Business Permit
  • Lease Contract (if renting space) or tax declaration (if owned)
  • DTI Certificate of Registration
  • Books of Accounts

Steps and Procedures:

Step #1: Accomplish BIR Forms in triplicate copies. BIR forms are available at BIR offices or may be downloaded from BIR website

  • BIR Form 1901: Application for Registration. Note that Individual Taxpayer must have only one TIN. Securing two or more TIN is illegal
  • BIR Form 0605: Payment Form. BIR Annual Registration fee is Php500.00
  • BIR Form 2000: Documentary Stamp Tax Declaration/Retun. This form is applicable if you are renting an office space. ApplicableDST is Php1.00 for every Php200.00 of rental fee.
  • BIR Form 1906: Application for Authority to Print (ATP) Receipts and Invoices

Submit the BIR Forms together with the documentary requirements to the RDO that has jurisdiction over the place where the business is located. Pay the Annual Registration Fee (P500.00) and DST, if applicable at the Authorized Agent Banks (AABs) of the concerned RDO.

Step #2: Present the proofs of payments to BIR and submit the requirement for ATP and registration of books.

Step #3: Attend the taxpayer’s initial briefing to be conducted by the RDO concerned for new registrants in order to apprise them of their rights and duties/responsibilities.

Step #4: The RDO shall then issue the Certificate of Registration (Form 2303) together with the “Ask for Receipt” notice, Authority to Print and Books of Accounts.

Step #5: Printing of invoices and receipts normally takes one to two weeks to be printed.

Disclaimer: Information contained in this article may become outdated and is therefore meant as general guidance only. It is not intended as professional accounting or tax advice.

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